Scripting tells the programs how to behave. Scripting languages have a crucial role to make a successful page loading dynamically. This means that a user can get personalized view of a web page based on their requirements. Their job is simply to request for a web page. It is the job of the background coding to make it a victorious affair. This background coding is the scripting language that is mandatory to make everything run perfectly. Below are some of the very popular server-side scripting languages. This will help you to choose which one to learn to suit your needs.

Top Server-Side Scripting Languages


1. Python: Python is one of the most popular scripting languages well-known for its easy-to-learn and use both for beginners as well as experienced programmers. Since most of this programming language contains simple English, a person can concentrate more on learning rather than on its syntax. It is also mostly used for statistical analysis.

Flask and Django are the frameworks that Python needs for creating web applications.

Some of the renowned websites that use python as scripting language are YouTube, Instagram, Quora, and Dropbox

2. Java: Java has been prevalent for years that is used in making major heavy websites having millions of programmers throughout the world. It is platform independent which requires to be compiled just once and the compiled file can be run anywhere regardless of the operating system and computing environment.

It is basically used to develop large applications such as banks and insurance companies that need to communicate with other systems like mainframes. It also facilitates scalability, although not good for developing small apps, else it would consume significant amount of time.

Spring is widespreadly used framework for Java web applications.

Popular websites that were built on Java are Amazon, eBay, and Google.

3. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor): PHP started to lead in the world of scripting languages in 2000s. In fact, over 80% of all the websites that exist are running on PHP at present. WordPress, that comprises of 25% of the websites, also uses PHP to publish blogs and news sites. If somebody is looking for content-based websites, this language will serve a great purpose.

PHP is embedded with HTML code. How the HTML will be generated by server is the department of PHP, whereas HTML itself will take care of how the web page will appear.

Popular sites that use PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook, and WordPress.

4. Node.js: Released in 2009, Node.js has been in use since then. Those who are already familiar with JaveScript do not have to learn anything new since the same coding can be used for both front-end and back-end. This language is mostly beneficial if applications are used in real-time such as chats and online games.

It uses Express framework for web application development.

Popular sites that use Node.js are Uber, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix

5. Ruby: Ruby is hugely popular for developing small apps in a small amount of time. It became well-known because of its rapid-web-development property. Although it is not developed recently, yet is renowned lately due to the above-mentioned benefits.

Rails is the framework that is used to write code in Ruby language. Together we call it Ruby on Rails. If someone is new to it, Sinatra framework is better to learn as Rails has countless functionalities.

Startups that need to develop the web applications rapidly, go for this approach.

6. Bash: Bash is one of such server-side scripting language that commands the existing program how to run. It contains plain text file with a series of commands. In this context, that program would be the web page which would need commands on how to run at a client’s side so that dynamic page’s display is generated.

7. Go: Despite the popularity of Python and Bash as scripting languages, Go can also be used to execute the same kinds of commands. Designed and developed by Google, Go is a very recent language that can be used to run scripts as well. It makes the script short and robust because its libraries are of all sorts and uses, and also well tested. Unlike Bash and Python that are interpreted, meaning they run the script at the time when they read it, Go is first compiled and then run.

Depending on the type of web application(s) you plan to develop, the scripting language will be based on that. Each server-side scripting language has its own significance. Some are suitable for large applications, whereas some for the small and rapid ones. If you are a beginner, it would be difficult to decide, although Python would be most suitable. If you are already familiar with one or more programming languages then you must go with those that sound quite similar and would be easier to learn. For instance, those who know JavaScript already should go for Node.js, and so on.

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