Which laptop or personal computer has to be chosen is a big question but finding the right operating system is trickier. It is not uncommon for you to notice brands like Samsung, Sony, Dell, HP, etc. involved in the pomp-and-show of their devices. You will also observe that Windows is the primary choice for most people due to its easy and user-friendly environment, and you aren’t exceptional. But what if you give yourself a second thought and switch to something different that could prove being your best decision ever to you. Everyone knows the basics of the few OSs like Windows are user-friendly but easily catch viruses and worms; Linux is far better but most end users don’t know about its working. So, how about Chrome books that use Chrome OS? One mustn’t jump to conclusion but needs to ask some basic questions, else that would be the very wrong investment.

Are you ready for web-centric services OR spend most of your time on Web currently?

You need to figure out whether you spend most of your time on the internet or not. Do you find yourself reading news feeds, timelines, Gmail and Google docs, quite frequently? If yes, then Chrome operating system is just for you. After switching from a traditional PC to Chrome book would be actually really advantageous. Most people have this misconception that Chrome OS works solely on internet, which is far from the truth. One can work offline as well in applications such as Google docs, Gmail, calculator apps, calender apps, gaming apps, news apps, Google Play Movies, etc. There is not much difference between using the traditional PC offline or Chromebooks offline.


Do you ALWAYS need using certain applications that you doubt that the similar Chromebook Web-Centric apps might not be as comfortable to you as your current apps are?

There are many apps such as image/video editing softwares, email apps, Word processors, etc. in which users feel like experienced candidates and don’t easily accept the new environment because Chrome OS uses other softwares that seem similar but are not exactly those apps. Not all apps are web-centric and hence users who are into using those applications in their traditional PCs will not feel fit in using other web-centric apps that Chrome OS offers. It depends entirely on a particular person if he or she is willing to go out of their comfort zone or not. Else switching won’t make any practical sense, instead a pure money wastage.

Have a practical demo of actually using your Google Chrome ONLY without even slightly opening the local programs or softwares, for a week. How do you feel?

If you sit on the internet entire day without really using the local apps at all (but only related to those that are web centric and based on Cloud) then congratulations! Chrome OS is for you. But if you feel like tempted to do something which is present in your PC only and cannot be used elsewhere on the internet then just discard yourself from even thinking about having a Chromebook. If you want to switch to another PC or laptop, simply go for other options that are similar to your own current computer.

I am sure your confusions will be clear by now after reading above statements since I have mentioned the basics of a PC or laptop requirement. I hope this will help you be clear of what you actually want.

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