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Server load testing is a very valuable testing method used to ensure that the application we are about to use, is bug-free and runs smoothly. In other words, load testing is an absolute prerequisite to determine whether the applications can withstand the real use circumstances. They also focus on delivering maximum application performance during the peak traffic hours. They cater to maintaining performance in highly stressful conditions also.

The tools available today can be both open sourced or licensed. Each tool is designed to suit certain needs and not all needs can be met by one single tool. Once the right tool is identified, it can maximise the application’s performance and load stress capacity.


Ten best tools to test server load:

  1. WebLoad – It is a testing tool that has a comprehensive IDE, a load generating console, and an analytics dashboard. The highlight of the tool is that it comes with a built-in feature which makes QA possible. It can support a wide range of technologies ranging from web protocols to network and server technologies.


  • Flexible
  • Supports almost all web technologies

  • Strong correlation engine

  • Bottleneck detection is automatic

  • Generate load in the cloud

  1. LoadUI NG Pro – With this tool, script fewer load tests can be quickly created. It uses load agents to distribute the tests in the cloud. When the load increases, LoadUI NG Pro also monitors the performance of the servers.


  • User friendly

  • Scripts need not be written

  • Load testing templates like smoke, spike, etc. are preconfigured

  • Drag and drop options for load tests on cloud

  • Efficient statistics and analytic features for the purpose of reporting

  • Already existing functional tests can be easily reused from SoapUI

  1. Apache Jmeter – It is primarily used for web and applications based on web service.


  • Analyzes and measures performance of a lot of services.

  • Supports more than one load injectors that can be managed using a single controller

  • It is portable and can support almost all Java-based applications

  • Less scripting required

  • Integrated real-time feature is supported

  1. App Loader – Designed mainly for business applications.


  • Can test the entire business applications

  • Includes all the third-party applications and does not require additional plugins or new line of code

  • Provides screenshots of failures for later references

  • Scripts are automatically created while using the application and can be edited easily. It does not require coding

  1. Rational Performance tester – This tool can help in knowing the reliability and scalability of an application based on the web, before heading into production.


  • Coding is not involved

  • To immediately identify the performance related problems, real-time reporting is enabled

  • User profile workloads are quite accurate

  • Dynamic server responses can be automatically identified

  • Programming knowledge is not required

  1. Load Complete – A tool that tests stress, load, and scalability for web and web applications.


  • Load testing can be done for Java applications and .NET

  • Does not require code inputs to generate traffic at various levels

  • Testing can be done for nonsecure and secure traffic

  1. NeoLoad – It stimulates user activity and eliminates bottlenecks in mobile applications and in website.


  • Drag and drop feature with other controls

  • Follows user paths to discover new path versions, thereby avoiding errors

  • Provides prefilled transaction list and hence makes the recording quicker.

  1. WAPT – It helps analyze website performance. It is capable of creating tests in a span of minutes for websites, mobile applications, and ERP systems.


  • Reports are sent directly to mobiles and desktop for convenience.

  • Test results are displayed in the form of 20 separate detailed results.

  1. Load Impact – It provides instant load testing for developers and DevOps.


  • Has a strong Lua Scripting environment that can help create simple or complex API scenarios

  • Test results are uploaded to the website or application using their chrome extensions

  1. Loadster – Created for real web applications. Can easily handle user sessions, cookies, etc.


  • The concurrent user can be created either from their server or our own.

  • Provides hybrid solutions for testing with cloud system or ground server



There are plenty of server load testing tools available in the market that can suit the application requirement of any organization. With the enormous number of tools to choose from, it is ideal to consider factors like License cost, cost of training employees, Protocol support, Software, and hardware requirements, Update policy, etc. in the selection process.

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