Control Panel allows managing a website from a web-based interface. The tools available in cPanel facilitate easy running and controlling of a website. Plugins enhance the gross server performance and actively helps in improving the loading speed of the website. It provides additional functionality and facilitates for more customization that helps in the creation of a more efficient website.

Ways to Improve Website Speed Using cPanel Plugin

The usage of plugins significantly enhances the server-side processing and boosts the speed of the website by caching both static and dynamic data. It greatly reduces the server loads and also saves the memory consumption in the web server. To improve website performance, use plugins to cache SSL/TSL traffic by terminating SSL traffic and speed-routing it through plugins like Varnish to enhance acceleration.

One major cause that slows down the loading of a webpage is processing HTTP requests that are not required. Plugins allow disabling scripts on a per page basis. It allows restricting plugin from loading a code when it is not needed. This optimally enhances the page loading speed. One of the most effective ways to enhance speed is using GZIP compression option which is also called as HTTP or Browser compression. Smaller files can be quickly downloaded and viewed on the website. Plugins allow performing GZIP compression of large files which greatly reduces the load on the server and enhance the website speed.

Images generally create a huge impact on the performance of any website. Large-sized images, high-resolution images and uncompressed images drastically slow down the loading speed of a webpage. Plugins allow compressing of the images files without compromising the quality and help to improve the speed of the website. Lazy loading option creates a huge impact on the loading speed of any website. Lazy loading allows loading of images only when the user scrolls down the website. Usage of plugins allows performing the lazy loading feature for images and loads them on demand. This feature not only improves the loading speed drastically but also save the bandwidth by loading minimal data for visitors who do not scroll down the whole page.

A lot of JS or CSS files cause the page to be loaded very slowly. One way to minify such files is squishing all the files into a single file. One more method is to delete all white spaces in files and make the files smaller. Plugins automatically do all these tasks and improve the loading speed of the page.

Too many plugins or poorly configured plugins create a serious impact on the loading time. Usage of the P3 plugin assists in tracking all those inefficient plugins that slow down the website. A regular clean-up of the database is required for improving the performance. Plugins allow deleting all unwanted stuff such as saved drafts, post revisions and deactivated plugins that clutter up the database. This helps to improve the speed the browser takes in collecting and sending files back to the database.

Though the primary purpose of a Plugins is to boost website performance, plugins are also used to enhance the security of the server from malicious software and other attacks. Examples include RKHunter, ConfigServer Security and Firewall, Admin-Ahead Linux Malware Detect. Let’s look into some of the cPanel plugins that boost the performance of the website.

improve website speed using cPanel plugin

Improve Website Speed Using cPanel Plugin

XVarnish cPanel Plugin

XVarnish (open source high-performance HTTP accelerator) is a cPanel plugin best suited for shared WHM servers. This cPanel plugin sets and configures Varnish cache as a website optimizing front-end for the standard cPanel-WHM server. It is compatible with cPanel under both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 dedicated and virtual server environments. It also works well with EasyApache 3, EasyApache 4 and can be installed on LiteSpeed web server.

XVarnish plugin contributed drastically in the improvement of website responsiveness across the server and also helped to maintain a more stable and consistence performance of the web server. Other features include:

  • Flexible and pattern-based exclusions to indicate website and files that need not be cached or need to be passed through directly to Apache.

  • It includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to restrict fake traffic before it touches the customer’s website.

  • Elaborate historical traffic reports for each website.

  • Easy management of the plugin through the WHM interface and xvctl command line function.

LiteSpeed Web Server Plugin for cPanel

LiteSpeed cPanel plugin improves the stability of the WHM server by processing several thousands of requests concurrently with very minimum memory consumption and CPU usage. It requires only a one-click switch between Apache and LiteSpeed Web Server.

Cpnginx NGINX Plugin Installer for cPanel

Cpnginx is a cPanel plugin that allows construction and deployment of CMS templates including WordPress and Joomla. It also supports different versions of PHP- FPM and several caches such as proxy cache, FCGI cache, etc.

Engintron Nginx Installer for cPanel

Engintron is an open source NGINX installer that integrates the current WHM server with NGINX web server. Engintron enhances the performance and capability of WHM server. It installs and configures the NGINX web server and plays the role of a reverse caching proxy for static files like CSS, JS, Images etc. A micro-cache layer is included by this installer to boost the performance of dynamic content obtained from the popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

UNIXy cPanel Varnish Plugin

cPanel plugin UNIXy is intended for WHM servers developed by UNIXy. It allows installation and easy managing of Varnish Cache in WHM server. It provides a web interface in WHM and allows modifying Varnish settings, lookup caching stats, refreshing the Varnish cache, restarting Varnish, etc. Both dynamic and static object caching is supported by this plugin.

Apachebooster is a cPanel featured plugin that is designed by combining the features of both Nginx and Varnish. It is one of the best ways to improve website speed using cPanel plugin because of flexibility and easily customizable functionality. It significantly enhances the capacity and capability of the servers and drastically improves the website performance by raising the performance of Apache software. Apachebooster is the only cPanel booster plugin that provides https caching feature to Apache. It also has the ability to support both static and dynamic caching. Moreover, it is extremely easy to install. It has developed a substantial growth in terms of popularity and working because it keeps on upgrading as per technological requirements.

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