Server Side Processing: What is server side scripting and its advantages and disadvantages

Server-side scripting, the back-end web development technology, can be defined as a method used in web development in order to produce a customized response for each request from the user to the website. Google uses these scripts to fill in your search term, to place Ads, or to find out the thing you are searching […]

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Compare Top CMS Sites: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla


CMS sites are software programs which make websites without the necessity to have a detailed knowledge of computer coding. They help SEO by designing search engine friendly URLs. Installation is usually easy and straight. Website administration is done through an easy to use admin panel. “A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that […]

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10 best tools to test server load and maintain performance

monitor real-time internet bandwidth

Server load testing is a very valuable testing method used to ensure that the application we are about to use, is bug-free and runs smoothly. In other words, load testing is an absolute prerequisite to determine whether the applications can withstand the real use circumstances. They also focus on delivering maximum application performance during the […]

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