Different Types of Load Balancing Algorithm Techniques


Load balancing can be explained as the intelligent distribution of data (workloads) among multiple computing services (server pool) in order to provide reliability, redundancy, and for improving the performance. A load balancer serves as the “traffic manager” of your servers, routing client requests equally across all available servers ensuring no server is overloaded, which might […]

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What is Ansible Platform?


Ansible Inc. was the company set up to commercially support and sponsor Ansible. Red Hat acquired Ansible in October 2015. Michael DeHaan developed the Ansible platform. Ansible Platform Basics Large Software organisations require a vital investment in testing to guarantee that they are strong. This specific investment requires staff resources and extra costs which in […]

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Server Infrastructure Overview – Understanding the Basics

Server infrastructure of an organization can be considered as the foundation that holds the system together. It comprises of both physical and virtual resources, including a complete set of hard wares, soft ware’s, network resources, and its services. These resources can help in supporting the storage, flow, processing and data analysis. There are two ways […]

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